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Great Lakes Growth Coalition

Our future depends on economic growth

The Great Lakes Growth Coalition is providing a unified voice for Michigan's job providers and workers, ensuring that our residents live in a flourishing state with a growing economy and population.


Michigan has serious economic challenges. Our labor market is limited despite ranking as the 10th largest state in the country because our population growth ranks 49th out of 50 states since 1990. And Michigan’s economy grew only 1.8% in 2022, lagging the national average of 2.1%. Meanwhile, as our entrepreneurs and small businesses continue working, they face pressures from inflation, high interest rates and other economic hurdles. 


With growth-oriented public policies, Michigan economic future would be as bright as the sunshine that graces our shorelines. Unfortunately, anti-business, anti-worker and anti-growth legislation threatens the ability of our state to make progress.  


That’s why Michigan businesses of all stripes have come together as a unified voice in Lansing, working hard to convey how policies may impact employers, employees and communities and to ensure that Michigan is a flourishing state with a growing economy and population. Together, we find the solutions that make sure everyone can win, rather than someone lose. We're stronger, together.

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